Volunteer Roles

If you are interested in any of the roles below, please contact Terry McCarthy (020 8505 6019, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Volunteer Coordinator (vacant - urgently required)

Club secretary (filled)
Assistant secretaries
Young Athletes Secretary (filled)
Subscription Secretary (filled)
Database manager (filled)

Club Development Officer/s (vacant)

Coaching manager/liaison with coaching initiatives (assistance appreciated)
Coach development/recruitment manager (vacant)
Coaches for adults – all athletic disciplines (more required)
Coaches for Young Athletes (U20) - all athletic disciplines (more required)
Coaches for Wasps (U11) (assistance appreciated)
Coaches for adult jogging (near-future project - volunteers required)
Marketer of coaching skills to outside the club (vacant)

Recruitment Officer/s (vacant)
Schools Liaison (vacant)

Officials manager (vacant)
T&F officials (timekeeping/measurement etc) (more required)
Course organisers (cross country) (assistance appreciated)
Road race organiser (assistance appreciated)
Marshalls (cross country/ road) (assistance appreciated)
Announcers (more required)
Schools competition liaison (assistance appreciated)

Team Management
Men's British League T&F (assistance appreciated)
Men's Southern League T&F (assistance appreciated)
UK Women's League T&F (assistance appreciated)
Men's Cross Country/Road (filled)
Women's Cross Country/Road (filled)
National Junior League (U20) Men T&F
National Junior League (U20) Women T&F
Young Athletes League (U17) Girls T&F
Young Athletes League (U17) Boys T&F

Track manager (vacant)
Clubhouse managers (assistance appreciated)
Warmup room manager (assistance appreciated)
Weights room manager
Bar staff (assistance appreciated)
Refreshments providers
Timing equipment management
Club clothing manager (assistance appreciated)

Track and field officials – judges, timekeepers, etc. (more required)
CC finishing line officials (assistance appreciated)

Physio manager (vacant)
Child welfare officers (2) (assistance appreciated)

Treasurer (filled)
Auditors (2) (filled)
Fund raisers (vacant)
Kindergarten liaison (filled)
Social events promoter (vacant)
Sponsor liaison (assistance appreciated)


Newsletter editor (vacant)

Webmaster (filled)
Website technical person (assistance appreciated)
Report writers (assistance appreciated)
Rankings compilers (assistance appreciated)
Press liaison (filled)
Photographers (contributions appreciated)
PR person (vacant)