Volunteer BBQ at Ashton

Sunday 2nd September saw a welcome new event at our Ashton clubhouse - a Volunteer BBQ. This was the brainchild of Susan Edwards, who was appointed to be our first Volunteer Coordinator earlier this year. Susan felt that the club should show its gratitude to the many people who help out throughout the year in all sorts of unsung capacities.


A surprise appearance: the ice-cream van!

The club only started to acquire actual barbecues last summer, but now we have three of them, including one for vegetarian cooking. They have proven popular from the word Go.

Susan (photo right) and son Rhys (a useful U17 athlete) decorated the clubhouse colourfully with an eclectic range of national flags and flag-bunting as displayed on sporting occasions in the Edwards household. Kevin Diedrick opened up the bar, helped by Simon Wright. Volunteer chefs and sangria connoisseurs turned up and turned their hand to satisfying the demanding palates of our curious volunteers.Susan-Edwards

An estimated 40-50 volunteers attended between 12:00 and 16:00, and many did not even have to queue at the outdoor BBQ area, since a range of juicy burgers in various forms was brought around as though it were an ambassador's burger party. Other members/helpers had contributed various side dishes which clearly went down well because by the time a tardy Adrian Russell arrived at 3pm, most of it was gone. 

A really lovely final touch was the appearance of an ice-cream van (courtesy of Essex Ice Cream Van Hire) to dispense free ice-creams to the sweet-toothed among us.

Key helpers on the day included: Julie and Tom Adolphus, Austin Simmonds, Darren Southcott, Bernadine Pritchett, Kate Stockings and Paul Cheal. Many of those present commented on how well organised it was, what a nice occasion it had been and how nice it was, as a volunteer, to be 'recognised' and thanked. It was also an opportunity to meet people and chat while not having a task to do. 

Credit to Susan Edwards: this was a popular initiative that was executed very well indeed!