Woodford juniors step up to the plate

Last Saturday see the WGEL Juniors take part in round 3 of the YDL Lower @ Medway Park and they didn’t disappoint, finishing with a fine 3rd place which should secure their place in this division next year. 

1)      Basildon AC – 607.0

2)      Medway & Maidstone – 542.5

3)      WGEL – 511.5

4)      Bexley AC – 495.0

5)      VPTH – 491.0

6)      Cambridge Harriers (Kent) – 410.0

7)      Paddock Wood & Folkestone – 397.0

Full results

Current league table

In the U/15 Boys Kaidan Chambers ran a trio of sprints with: 12.24s in the 100m, 25.02s in the 200m and a debut in the 300m with an impressive 39.0s. Debutant Andy Mulimbo ran the 100m: 14.23s, whilst Jay Russell recorded a PB in the long jump with: 4m 59cm, and also ran the 200m & 300m with: 28.62s and 45.32 for a PB.  Jimmy Geller ran a PB in the 800m finishing 2nd in the A string with: 2m 13.14s. He also high jumped: 1m 40cm to equal his PB. Jacob Hardy was very versatile as well with: a fine 1st in the B string 800m: 2m 17.21s, long jump: 3m 56cm and 18m 71cm in the javelin. Nathan Wright ran a PB in the 1500m with: 4m 46.11s and Reuben Fabian: 4m 48.82s, he also did the Javelin and got another PB of: 20m 82cm. Luke Finch competed in all 3 throws with: 6m 67cm in the shot putt, 10m 54cm in the discus and a distance of: 36m 55cm in the hammer. The 4x100m team (Jay, Andy, Luke & Kaidan) finished in a time of: 54.45s, whilst the 4x300m (Jacob, Reuben, Jimmy & Nathan) ran a time of: 3m 09.76s.

Shona Vincent led the charge in the sprints with: a fine 1st in the 100m A string: 12.6s and 26.29s in the 200m. Tiya Canning Lawrence ran: 13.62s in the 100m and jumped: 3m 78cm. Levania Ugonna Mba ran a PB in the 200m with: 27.83s, and also stepped in to do the B string 75m hurdles: 15.17s to finish 3rd. Isabelle Lamptey did a non-scoring 100m with a PB of: 14.44s and, like Levania, stepped in to do the B string high jump with a height of: 1m 20cm. In the longer sprint, Zahara Malcolm did the 300m in: 43.48s, whilst Kezia Beeton was in great form recording: 44.53s for a new PB in the B string, and continued that on in the long jump with a PB leap of: 4m 80cm. Bronya Overington ran a PB in the 800m: 2m 41.96s, whilst Olivia Howe made her track debut with a: 2m 46.56s for the B string. Cora O’Dwyer ran a solid 800m non-scoring time of: 2m 54.74s, which was her first ever run at this distance, she also threw the Javelin with a PB of: 10m 01cm. Miya Maeda ran the 1500m in: 5m 08.58s and Mary Hardy set a new PB with: 5m 31.64s. Kharina Anne Partridge set a new PB in the 75m Hurdles: 13.10s, also a PB in the pole vault with: 2m 10cm and a high jump of: 1m 40cm. The throws saw training partners Gbemi Majekodunmi & Elodia Boateng-Sackitey take on the hammer, discus and shot putt, with Gbemi: 39m 41cm and a PB in the hammer, 13m 24 discus and 7m 63cm in the shot, whilst Elodia: 33m 01cm and a PB in the hammer, 17m 77cm in the discus and 6m 30cm in the shot. Millie Webster did the Javelin and threw: 24m 75cm.  The U/15 Girls 4x100m, which was changed due to unavailability saw Zahara step up to the team (Tiya, Zahara, Levania & Shona). They ran really well coming home 1st in a new season's best time of: 50.91s, whilst the 4x300m, which saw debutant Alannah come into the team (Isabelle, Alannah, Miya, Kezia), finished with a time of: 3m 05.75s.

Ethan Franklin continues to shine in the U/13 boys team. He ran a 13.19s for the 100m, jumped: 4m 74cm in the long jump to equal his PB and cleared: 1m 30cm in the high jump. The surprise of the day especially in this age group was the fine performance of Kayode Alaba. His 1st outing this season saw him complete the sprint double B string with: 13.82s 100m PB, and: 28.74s in the 200m, and this continued in the B string long jump with a PB: 4m 07cm.Godwinner Nkebani ran a PB in the 800m: 2m 37.54s, a 200m: 29.67s and another PB: 15.50s for the 75m hurdles. James Milne ran the 800m B string in a time of: 2m 46.74s and a PB. Gregor Samson ran a PB in the 1500m: 5m 22.83s, 1m 10cm in the high jump and 4m 30cm in the shot putt. Oscar Farthing-Barbero notched 2 PB’s with: 5m 11.65s in the 1500m, 4m 67cm in the shot putt and 12m 68cm in the javelin, whilst Nate Harding, who was carrying an injury was still able to throw a javelin: 16m 58cm and a PB. The 4x100m team (Oscar, Ethan, Kayode & Godwinner) came 2nd with a time of: 54.32s.

The U/13 Girls saw Benie Massembo run: 10.52s in the 75m, and set a PB in the 150m: 20.72s. Isabelle Kyson also ran the 75m with a time of: 11.09s and the long jump: 3m 95cm. Lexie Gobran did the non-scoring 75m with: 12.67s and the 70m hurdles: 15.90s and a new PB. Maya McNelis also ran a non-scoring 75m : 12.21s, 150m: 25.20s and the 70m hurdles: 16.45s. In the 800m, Rosemary Kelly was in fine form with a new PB of: 2m 39.29s and a long jump of: 3m 43cm, whilst a gritty performance by Megan Wright: 2m 57.83s. Megan also did the shot putt with a new PB: 3m 81cm and the Javelin: 7m 13cm. Abigail Reid was again excellent in her 1200m with a PB of: 3m 49.30 and 1st in the A string, while Emily Caton was 1st B string with another PB: 4m 10.51s. Molly Wain threw exceptionally well in javelin with a PB distance of: 18m 18cm and the shot putt: 6m 09cm. In the 4x100m relay team (Benie, Abigail, Emily & Isabelle) they finished with a time of: 59.68s.