Kevin Diedrick named National Official of the Year

Having won the England Athletics London Regional Award as the Official of the Year, Kevin Diedrick was put forward for the England Athletics national awards. At the ceremony in Birmingham last Saturday, Kevin duly won and became National Official of the Year. Many congratulations to Kevin for the well-deserved award.

Kevin Diedrick Official of the Year

Kevin with his London Region award a few weeks ago

England Athletics website states:

Kevin Diedrick is a Field Judge who started officiating in 1999, since then he has progressed to National Level 4 and undertaken his CMA. He’s now often utilised by UKA / EA / SEAA as Referee, NTD, and Technical Manager.

Kevin has been very active in mentoring officials and has had 5 graduate to Level 4 through with this support. He officiates at some 60-70 meetings per year from local leagues through to Regional, National and International events. Kevin is a supporter of World Para events as well as Help for Heroes and the Invictus Games and has expanded his officiating interests and is additionally a Track Judge and Photo-Finish official. His photo-finish work is in support of the Woodford Green system, which is hired out to raise revenue for the club.

Kevin is very self-effacing; telling everyone that he is just a run of the mill official when he is clearly not. He is highly skilled and assiduous in his officiating and scrupulously fair. His approach to officiating warms him to new officials once they get to know him; he has a ’tough’ exterior that is purely for show. He is willing to help any official progress and has actively mentored many officials; currently he is helping 2 or 3. Kevin is universally liked by officials and athletes as they know he will always assist within the rules and give everyone a fair shake.

Kevin is keen to support many non-mainstream groups and has travelled at his own expense to Canada to officiate at the Invictus Games. Kevin is keen to support his club (Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies) and does so by running the clubhouse bar for club night and functions, as well as helping with the photo-finish system rentals to raise funds for the club – his help is invaluable.