RVHM Information


This is the information email which is sent out to all runners

Location and Course

The location and course are shown on the map on the race website www.rvhm.org.uk.  Changing facilities are available at The Ashton Playing Fields and refreshments will be available in the Woodford Green/Essex Ladies Clubhouse within the Ashton complex.  Directions for road and public transport are available via the website.

The race starts at 9am and finishes at the Ashton playing fields and comprises one small lap of about 1 mile, followed by two longer laps of about 6 miles each.   Water will be provided at the drinks stations around the 4, 7 and 10 mile points.  Drinks will be available at the finish.

Although there is a fair amount of parking at the Ashton Playing Fields, this WILL get full, probably by around 8 to 8:15am.  After this time marshals at the gate will direct you to park outside in one of the many residential side roads.  Please therefore allow plenty of time to arrive and park.

Chip timing and numbers

Runners will be issued with an electronic tag which they attach to their shoe.  Due to the logistics and risk of loss, these can't be sent out in advance, so runners will need to collect their tag (and race number) on the day.  We have a very efficient collection system and you shouldn't need to wait more than a few minutes.  However, if you are local you may wish to collect your chip and number in advance and we will have these available at the Woodford Green clubhouse between 6pm and 9pm on the Tuesday (2nd November) prior to the race.  The clubhouse is at the Ashton Playing Fields - see the start/finish location on the race map at the race website (www.rvhm.org.uk) and read the directions page if you don't know where it is.  You can ask a friend to collect your number for you, but please make sure you don't mix them up.

If you do need to collect on the day please allow plenty of time (doors open at 7:00am for the 9am start). There will be a series of tables to collect your number and chip and these will be arranged ALPHABETICALLY based on your SURNAME.

Timing chips should be attached to the laces of your running shoes using the tags provided.  Tucking them into your sock or putting them in your pocket will prevent them from registering properly and you may not get a time.  Instruction pictures will be provided and our helpers can advise you if neceassry.

After the finish, an official will remove the tag from your shoe BEFORE you proceed to collect your medal and goodie bag.  One benefit of the chip timing is that your result is available the instant you cross the finish line.  You can access the race website via your Smartphone to get your result.

We will also have a couple of laptops in out clubhouse to enable you to check results.

Please ensure numbers are pinned prominently on the front of your race vest/shirt/top.


On the day entries

We will be taking entries on the day, but these will cost £2 extra. There will be a separate desk for on the day entries. To save time please print out and fill in a postal entry form and try to have the correct money available.


Baggage drop



There will be a manned baggage drop facility in the clubhouse.  All baggage is left at your risk.



Our "inclusive" policy


Over the years we have welcomed runners of all abilities, including some very slow runners, some blind runners and a wheelchair competitor.  We suggest that you confirm that you are happy that the course is suitable for you before entering the race.  Although we don't have a set time limit, if you feel you may take longer than 3 hours to complete the course, please contact us and we may ask you to consider starting earlier.

Toilets - very important



As the race has become more popular, and the field has become larger, we have seen longer queues at the toilets.  Since 2011 we have hired Portaloos which helped considerably and we will have these again in 2020.  Nevertheless - please allow enough time before the race to do what you have to do!

Race photography



At the time of writing we have not confirmed our race photographer.  If we do have one, details will be circulated with the results email.






Marshals will be positioned around the course.  At the far end of the course there is a section where you will be directed to cross the road.  3 or 4 marshals will be controlling the crossing point.  Please ONLY cross where instructed and DON’T cross back over the road until you reach the second set of marshals and are instructed to do so.  They are there to control the traffic for your safety.  Anyone ignoring the marshals instructions may find themselves disqualified from the race.


Also please note that under UK Athletics rules, the wearing of personal stereos etc is forbidden due to safety considerations (so you can hear traffic/marshals).  I’m sorry if this sound officious, but the marshals are there for your safety.  Please don't try and negotiate this with me as we are not allowed to have our race licence unless we comply with this rule.  Some people feel they "can't run without their music" - why not try and enjoy the atmosphere of the race and the supporters instead?


Ultimately, you have to be responsible for your own safety as you would be on a training run.  It is impossible to marshal every little side road, but we do have the major crossing points covered and plan to have even more marshals in 2019.  Medical providers with ambulances will be in attendance around the course and at the finish in the event of any problems. 


In accordance with UKA Licence requirements, all our numbers will have a form printed on reverse onto which you should record any medical information.  Please ensure you leave enough time to complete this information and if it is particularly relevant to your condition we strongly advise you to collect your number in advance and to ensure it is filled in before travelling to the race.




Prizes and results


Prizes will be presented in the clubhouse and the results will be instantly available on-line.   You can also email the Race Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but if you need a printed copy please bring a stamped addressed envelope along to the clubhouse.  






Good luck with the training – I look forward to seeing you on 8th March.

David Hollingworth

Race Director

Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.