RVHM Terms & Conditions

1. The Roding Valley Half Marathon is organised by Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies under a Road Race Licence granted by UK Athletics.  A condition of entry is that you abide by these terms and the rules of competition as laid down by UK Athletics.

2.  Runners should be over 17 on the day of the race.

3.  By taking part in this race, runners are declaring themselves fit to take part in a half marathon race.  If in doubt they should consult a doctor before deciding to take part.

4.  We do not seek to discourage disabled athletes to take part, however we ask any such athletes to discuss their circumstances with the race organisers to jointly assess whether the course is safe and suitable for them.

5.  Race marshals and other officials are there to help ensure the safety of all runners.  Runners are asked to comply with all instructions/directions from the marshals in particular when crossing roads or junctions.  Failure to do so could lead to disqualification from the race.  Nevertheless it would be impossible to marshal every possible side road or other hazard so runners are asked to take as much caution during the race as they would whilst training on their own.

6.  The use of personal stereos during races is prohibited for safety reasons as it may prevent runners from hearing oncoming traffic or instructions from the marshals.  Anyone seen wearing one will be asked to relinquish it to a marshall or risk being disqualified from the race.  This is a UK Athletics requirement and our race licence depends upon it.  Do not try and negotiate with the race organiser on this one – sorry!

7.  In 38 years of organising the race there has never been a cancellation.  In the unlikely circumstances of the race needing to be cancelled for reasons outside the organisers control, unfortunaletly no refunds of entry fees can be offered.  Such reasons may include but not be limited to adverse weather conditions or other circumstances making the course unsafe, instructions from the Police or other public bodies.

8.  No refunds of entry fees can be offered if a runner decides to withdraw from the race.

9.  The race will start at the advertised time.  Runners are responsible to ensure that they have enough time to arrive at the event, collect any numbers/timing chips (if not pre-collected) and prepare for the race.

10.  The race will be timed using a chip timing system.  Runners are responsible for ensuring that these are correctly attached to their running shoes (see instruction video and photograph on the Information page).  Failure to attach the chip correctly may result in times not being recorded.  Numbers should be attached to the FRONT of your running top/vest and be clearly visible to the officials.


11.  Timing chips will be removed by the marshals in the finish area.  If you have collected your chip in advance and don’t run, or fail to hand it in at the finish, please try to return these to the race venue or the race organiser.  You will be contacted by email to request the return of your missing chip.

12.  We do have a baggage deposit area in our clubhouse and any valuables or other kit left here or elsewhere at the race venue is done so at the runners risk.  In our long history we are not aware of any problems in the past, but the organisers cannot be responsible for any loss.

13.  By providing your email address as part of your entry details, you accept that the race organisers will contact you via email to provide information on the race, updates as required and the results afterwards.  We will also send you information about next year’s race, but you will remove you from our database if you request after this year’s race.

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