WGEL Juniors All Fired Up!!!!

On Saturday 04th September while the BBQ was in full swing, WGEL Juniors in the YDL Lower age group produced an outstanding performance to finish only 20.5 points behind premier league club Havering AC. The result as follows:  

1) Havering AC    -            549.5 

2) WGEL AC        -            529.0 

3) Basildon AC     -           472.5 

4) Dartford Harriers AC  - 283.0 

5) VPTH AC                   - 111.0 

6) NEB AC                      - 100.0 

In the U/15 boys Marcel Winter and Omari Paul-Jones ran the 100m with Marcel gaining a PB with a legal wind of (-0.4) and Omari was 1st in the b-string: 12.37sec. Luca Kaye who is a solid performer in the long jump ran a N/S 100m with: 12.84sec. Ethan Franklin ran the 200m coming home 3rd in the a-string: 25.64sec and Marcel who did so well in the 100m, was in fine form in the 200m coming 1st in the b-string, he also recorded a fabulous PB in the high jump with a leap of: 1m 65cm. Debutants in the YDL Tyrees Agha and Josiah Dasilva did the 300m and did themselves proud with: 42.73sec & 48.30sec respectively. Godwinner Nkebani ran the 800m in: 2m 33.40sec while Gregor Samson was 4th in b-string with: 2m 41.36sec. There was also performances in the N/S 800m where Patrick Hayden & Vladimirs Kalinins ran: 2min 33.49sec and 2min 34.62sec. In the longest distance Oscar Farthing-Barbero was 2nd in a-string 1500m: 4m 33.03sec and his training partner Nate Harding: 4min 39.42sec for 1st in b-string. Pairing up again in the 80m hurdles like the 800m, Godwinner Nkebani did: 16.09sec and Gregor completed it in: 16.20sec. In the field fresh from his N/S 100m outing jumped a nice PB in the long jump finishing 3rd in a-string with: 5m 43cm and Omari Paul-Jones was 1st in b-string: 5m 10cm. Omari also did the high jump with a height of: 1m 40cm. Oscar Farthing Barbero was again in action with Nate in the Shot putt: 6m 31cm and a new PB, while Nate's distance of: 5m 68cm was good enough for 3rd. Josiah Dasilva did the discus for the 1st time and threw: 19m 30cm, while Alex Hancock was pleased with a PB: 16m's exactly. Alex also did the hammer: 16m 79cm and the Javelin: 29m 33cm. Nate Harding rounded of the field events throwing the javelin with a PB of: 23m 01cm. The final events were the relays. Godwinner, Ethan, Omari & Marcel powered to a fine 1st place in the 4x100m in a time of: 47.79sec and in the 4x300m, Josiah, Nate, Oscar & Tyrees were 4th with: 2m 59.29sec.

The girls were just as impressive in the u/15's with Benie Massembo finishing 2nd in the 100m: 13.09sec and Isabelle Kyson returning impressively after a bout of injury with a b-string win in: 13.06sec. Isabel Rechten making her debut in the YDL ran: 14.04sec and Megan Wright: 15.16sec both N/S 100m's. Isabelle ran the a-string 200m and finished 1st with: 27.15sec and Isabel was 3rd in b-string: 28.83sec. Talia Woolf ran: 49.44sec in the 300m accompanied by Lexie Gobran: 51.89sec. In the 800m Abigail Reid was comfortable easing to a 1st place time in the a-string in: 2m 20.99sec and Emily Millward completed the same distance in: 2m 50.63sec, while N'S's in the same event Megan Wright ran: 2m 48.89sec for a PB while Matilda Frith finished in: 2m 52.19sec. and the long distance of 1500m see Molly Sherrin come 2nd in a-string: 5m 08.10sec and Isabella Worwood was also 2nd in b-string with: 5m 44.18sec. Sprint hurdles in this age group seems to have no boundaries and limits with the talent we have at the club and this was evident with Maia Fisher 1st in a-string: 12.07sec and Rebecca Wright: 12.40sec and 1st in b-string. Benie Massembo did very well in the long jump with: 4m 52cm and debutant Karma Idowu was 2nd in b-string with: 3m 82cm. Demi Salako did: 1m 25cm in the high jump and 9m 63cm in b-string discus. Blossom Mccartney did the a-string discus and recorded a PB with: 11m 91cm, the hammer: 13m 50cm and the shot putt: 4m 79cm, while Rebecca Wright finished 1st a-string in shot putt with: 10m 75cm. Not satisfied with that Rebecca Wright teamed up with her hurdle team mate Maia Fisher threw a very impressive distance of: 35m 83cm in the javelin to extend her CLUB RECORD and Maia Fisher threw: 21m 47cm. In the 4x100m relay (Isabelle, Rebecca, Maia & Benie), the u/15 girls simply blew their opponents away with a time of: 50.98sec, winning by over 2 secs and in the 4x300m (Talia, Lexie, Eva & Abigail) came home in: 3m 15.58sec.

Alex Foster shows no signs of stopping in an already impressive season for the u/13 boys. He ran the sprint doubles of 75m and 150m and not surprisingly ran PB's in both with: 9.33sec and 18.76sec, finishing 1st and 2nd respectively. Thomas Niewczasinki-Kirkland was the b-string 75m runner and finished 1st in a time of: 10.50sec. Oz Nochi and Oskar Kyson ran N/S 75m both recording PB's with: 11.88sec and 12.18sec. Jhonatan Ghebretinsae was 3rd in bstring 150m with: 23.00sec. In the 800m Daniel Arnold who continues to develop as an impressive middle distance runner was 3rd in a-string and a PB of: 2m 38.31sec while Jhonatan was 2nd in b-string: 2m 43.47sec. Others in the 800m as N/S's were Stephen Ng with a PB of: 2m 47.95sec and Yuvan Kumar a debut in this competition and a sound performance by him of: 2m 49.24sec. Harry Stockhill a fairly new athlete to the club continues to be slick and fast in his execution of middle distance running. He was 1st in the a-string 1200m with: 3m 49.79sec and a PB, while Rudy Parker-Bayes was also 1st in b-string with: 3min 59.59sec. Sprinting their way over the 75m hurdles both Thomas Niewczasinki-Kirkland and Leo Everitt were  1st in: 13.96sec and 16.96sec respectively. Thomas so near to the club record over the season jumped to 1st place in the long jump with a new PB distance of: 5m 17cm agonisingly only 1cm away from equalling the record, so near and yet so far. Alex Foster seems not to only like the sprints but also the long jump as he was also 1st this time in the b-string with a PB: 4m 32cm. Leo Everitt equalled his PB in the high jump with: 1m 15cm and his younger brother Zac did: 1m 05cm. Ethan Day was 3rd in the a-string shot putt: 4m 65cm and Joshua Allen threw a PB with: 4m 48cm. Jhonatan Ghebretinsae threw: 15m 49cm to come 3rd in a-string javelin to finish off the field event. Like the u/15 girls the u/13 boys 4x100m relay team (Jhonatan, Leo, Thomas & Alex) won their race by nearly 3 seconds in a time of: 53.88sec.

In the u/13 girls Azzurra Cioni did the 75m in a time of: 10.95sec and Remi Salako recorded a PB in the same event with: 10.95sec. Ishana Malcolm ran: 11.88sec and Soraya Youcaf-Purcell in the N/S 75m's. Caitlin Hancock was 4th in the 150m: 21.43sec and Remi completed the sprint doubles with a 3rd in b-string 150m in a time of: 22.50sec. Natasha Wynn and 800m seem to go together so well and she tackled this race no differently coming home 1st by nearly 8sec in: 2m 31.82sec and Eliza Bridges was also 1st in b-string: 2m 44.23sec. Faye Owers and Amber Higgs-Smith ran the N/s race with times of: 2m 42.33sec and 2m 57.701sec. Tess Noblet ran a PB in the 1200m and 1st a-string: 4m 11.72cm and Autumn Le Chevalier Jones was also 1st in b-string with: 4m 12.78sec. Natasha seems to like the sprint hurdles as much as she does the middle distance events with a 1st in the 70m hurdles: 12.65sec and Tess was home in a time of: 15.42sec. Caitlin Hancock teamed up with her jumping partner Azzurra Cioni in the long jump and Caitlin was 2nd in a-string: 4m 31cm and a new PB for Azzurra of: 4m 28cm. Natasha jumped: 1m 30cm in the high jump and Eliza Bridges: 1m 15cm. Tess and Amber did the shot putt and Tess's distance was: 4m 51cm and Amber: 4m 47cm. The remaining field event Javelin see Amber throw: 13m 03cm and Soraya Youcaf-Purcell was happy with her PB distance of: 11m 80cm. To round of the day for the girls (Annabel Reid, Caitlin Hancock, Remi Salako & Natasha Wynn) ran the 4x100m relay finishing 3rd in a time of: 56.11sec.

This was the last YDL match of the season and the teams can be very proud of themselves. They have improved beyond expectation and there is definitely more to come from those who will take part in the winter X/Country season and for those who will be preparing over the winter in readiness for 2021/2 indoor and outdoor season.

At the end of the event the club hosted a BBQ and Buffet to say thank you to the team managers, coaches, officials, parents and most importantly the athletes, WELL DONE TEAM WOODFORD.