England Athletics – London Region, completed its award ceremony via Zoom last Thursday, 19th November. These were awards for volunteers who contribute towards our sport. The club had four nominations for the final shortlist and three of our club members won awards, with the fourth as a runner-up. Details of their nominations were previously announced and is on our club website.

 Keith Hopson and Don Blackett jointly won the award for services to athletics. This is a deserved award for the years they have both put into Athletics. Sam Wintle won the award for the Young Volunteer of the year for his work with our U11’s, the Woodford Wasps. He has continued to do so under difficult circumstances this year. Tamsin James finished as runner up in the Official of the year category for her continued work on track and field at local and national level.

 The winners will go on to represent the London Region when England Athletics hold the event at the National level. The London Region award ceremony can be seen on the England Athletics You Tube channel.

Official of the year nomination for Tamsin James

The Club has been notified by England Athletics London Region that Tamsin James has been shortlisted for an award in the Official of the Year category.  

Tamsin is a Level 4 field events official and Level 2 track judge who has officiated at over 100 events during the 12 month nomination period. These events range from indoor minithons and school meetings to major champs and Diamond  Leagues.

In addition she is also a highly qualified photo finish operator, skilled in both operating at meetings and sorting out any technical problems. As well as operating photo finish at Woodford Green w EL  home meetings she regularly takes the club equipment to other venues, often operating it from the boot of her own car.

Tamsin’s enthusiasm for officiating has led her to become a tutor and mentor to upcoming officials and she has run courses to this end.

She would be a worthy recipient of the award of official of the year.

The virtual presentation ceremony will take place on the 19th November and in addition to Tamsin, Don Blackett, Keith Hopson and Sam Wintle have also each been short listed in other categories If you wish to watch the event please register at in their London Region.

Mick Emms

We have ben advised of the sad news of the death of Mick Emms who passed away on November 4th.. Mick was a long time member of Woodford Green AC who had also served on the Committee. He remained a friend of the Club until his death. Primarily a road and winter specialist Mick had notable success at distances up to and including the Marathon where his personal best was 2hr 23m 02 secs set in Manchester in 1972.


Membership fees are normally due on the 1st January of each year, but 2020 has been an exceptional year both on a personal basis and for athletics in general. There has been scant competition at club level and the winter season has been written off for our major club level competition in the Metropolitan League. Nevertheless, most of you have continued to pay your annual subscriptions and the club is grateful that so many have done so to allow the club to function as normally as possible.

As a recognition of this, the club committee has agreed that the subscription year for 2020 will be extended for a further three months. Membership fees will now be due on the 1st April 2021. From there onwards, our subscription year will run from the 1st April each year to the following 31st March. This will now be in line with the registration year with England Athletics, which run in the same period.

Those new members joining from January to March 2021 will have their membership fees carried over into the new subscription year. Should they wish to compete and require registration for the current year, an additional fee will be required to register them for 2021.


2021 Membership Fees, including registration fees to England Athletics, are as follows:

 Active Seniors (Over 21)                                             £69.00 per annum.

 Active Young Members (under 21)

Students, Unemployed and                                           £49.00 per annum.


 Non-Active and 2nd Claim                                            £38.00 per annum.


England Athletics have indicated that there will be no increase in Registration Fees (currently £15) and therefore the club fees will also not increase.

 The club committee hope that this recognises the value of the club members who have continued to pay their annual membership fees, despite diminished levels of competition.

 A further notice will be issued, to remind club members of fees due, early in the new year.


Cowsi Magol

Membership Secretary


The Club is pleased to announce that three of our club members have been nominated for awards at the England Athletics London Region awards evening on the 19th November.

Keith Hopson and Don Blackett have been shortlisted for the awards in the category of Services to Athletics. Keith and Don are Life Members of the club and have been past Presidents.

Keith joined the club in the 1950’s and after his competitive career was over, he became one of the club’s main administrators over a number of years filling many roles on the club committee. He continues to help administer the Women’s Track and Field team. In addition to his work for the club, Keith has contributed at the national level in various capacities. He is currently the Finance Officer for the National Athletics League.

Don joined the club in the 1960’s after he moved to London from the North East. A tireless worker for the club and for the sport’s governing bodies. He covered several jobs on the club committee for many years and until recently was the club’s  cross-country course setter for all home matches. He became a top-grade track and field official at club, county, major national and International meetings. Many owe their start to becoming athletics’ officials because of the training and incentive that Don gave them.

Sam Wintle has been  shortlisted in the nominations for the Young Volunteer of the Year. Sam, along with his dad Andrew, has been running the WASP’s section (under 11’s) since January 2019. During the current uncertain periods of lockdowns and restricted training, there has been a large increase in the number of U11’s joining the club. Sam has successfully continued to run the section with the support of the Young Members section.

Sam has a great rapport with the U11’s and the parents who come along to watch and occasionally help. His programme of training for the youngsters has helped develop many to full membership of the club and compete for the club at the U13’s level on the track, road and cross country.