2019-20 Met League 3: Senior Men


Woodford’s senior men could only manage 6th in the 3rd Met League of the season to see them slip further down the Division One table to 4th. A notoriously difficult fixture to get men out for all teams; Woodford were not immune and losing big hitters, such as Ash Harrell and Ahmed Abdulle (to the Telford 10K) Tom Frith (to injury) and Alex Cornwell (to general Christmas cheer), it was always going to be a difficult match to compete with League leaders of Highgate. 

Despite this, there was much to celebrate in the camp, with early changing room talk of team sizes and river crossings punctuated by questions of disbelief that club life member Paul Stockings could be about to complete his 150th Met league. Most of this disbelief was vocalised by the two other Stockings preparing to take on the two laps course, but after some discussion it was decided that Paul’s 100th met league finish was actually more than 10 years ago and the majority of the Club had almost as much (if not just as much) faith in his ability to count as they did in his ability to complete the surprisingly dry course in the shadow of Hillingdon sports complex.

2019-20 Met League 3: Senior Women

This fixture is traditionally the smaller of the five, taking place just as the party season gets going, but for those hardy hangover-deniers making the trip out to Uxbridge on Saturday, sequins and sparkle had to wait a bit longer: there was river-crossing cross country business to be done.
With barely a day since October without rain, the pre-race talk was of one thing only: would we cross the river? Yes came the reply. If we were over fifteen we would. The river was surprisingly low and one could have been forgiven for wondering whether some levelling up of that treacherous rocky bed had not taken place over the summer. Two long laps was the extended course; twice across the water. Rather a lot of mud.  207 women finished the course, very slightly down on last year’s 215. Woodford’s squad was just about quorate as three of our strongest women were otherwise indisposed. Not all of the remaining six at their fittest best. But six we were, and that was good enough for us.
Photos (Mark Easton)

South-East Inter Counties CC: Young Athletes

Nine of our young athletes were selected to represent Essex/Hertfordshire in this annual event. Unfortunately Evan Johnson (Under 15 Boys) and Ben Sloan (Under 17 Men) were unable to run for Hertfordshire as they are both out injured. We are hopeful that both lads will be back in the New Year.

After recent rain the majority of this course was quite muddy making it a true test of endurance. At least the rain held off for the races and the wind was much kinder this year compared to 2018.

Abigail Reid SE Counties Winner 2019

Abigail Reid: won by 9 seconds (pics: Sally Chapman)

2019-20 Met League 3: U11s

In surprisingly mild conditions, the fields of Uxbridge provided the backdrop to our third Met League fixture. Uxbridge is a deceptively tough course. It grinds the momentum out of legs over its undulating fields. Long meadow grasses tug at the athlete’s spikes and for the first time extended to 2K for U11s.

Uxbridge is also a tricky fixture logistically, not only being a long way down the A406 it comes at a difficult time of year with the end of school terms and Christmas approaching.

With this in mind, you can see why the opposition, to whom this represented a closer-to home fixture, fancied their chances should WGEL fail to turn up. However, they were to be disappointed!

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